Combiboard Alfa

Wall panel system for the modern stable

Combiboard Alfa is a solid plastic wall panel system ideally suitable as pen divider in the animal farming sector, for example. The stable panels are hygienic and durable. The system can be manufactured to your specifications and is easy to assemble and adjust. Additionally, these stable panels are highly sustainable and recyclable. There is a good reason why Combiboard Alfa stable panels are increasingly being used in stables all over the world.

Robust and hygienic

Pen dividers must be able to withstand very high pressure. The use of high-quality plastic in our Alfa panels makes them permanently shock and wear resistant. The colour-fast surface layer of calcium and zinc makes these panels impervious to acids and bases such as ammonia. Hygiene is of vital importance in any stable, which is why Combiboard Alfa has seamless surfaces and tight-fitting support trims. This in combination with the smooth surface makes the panels easy to wash and keep clean.

Quick to use

Combiboard Alfa has a thickness of 35 mm. The height of the panels is variable. The stable panels can be coupled by means of a snap connection, which makes different heights possible. The panels are available in every possible length. Custom made panels are delivered on site as a ready-to-assemble package. This saves a lot of time and money.


Combiboard Alfa complies with all modern stable requirements. The components are easy to disassemble and immediately ready to be reused. Additionally, the high-quality plastic is fully recyclable.

Combiboard Alfa: Advantages:

  • Hygienic
    Easy to clean thanks to the virtually seamless assembly and wear and tear resistant surface layer.
  • Robust
    The use of high-quality plastic makes Combiboard Alfa completely animal-proof.
  • Resistant against chemical substances and colour-fast.
    Resistant against acids and bases, such as ammonia.
  • Sustainable
    Alfa is made from recycled material and therefore fully recyclable. What’s more, Alfa stable panels can be reused over and over again.
  • Variable height
    Combiboard Alfa is available in variable heights. The panels can be coupled to each other, which makes any height possible.
  • Delivered to your specifications
    Combiboard Alfa is available in every possible length. This saves a lot of time and waste.
  • Custom-made package
    All components, including the couplings, are delivered on site as a ready-to-assemble package.
  • Fast assembly
    Combiboard is very easy and fast to use and process on the building site.

Transport and logistics

All Combiboard products are delivered as ready-to-assemble packages all over the world. We offer specific alternative packaging in addition to our standard packaging. The choice of the packaging is determined in consultation with the customer. We see to it that the package complies with the requirements of any country of destination.