Combiboard Beta

Wall panel system for the modern stable

Combiboard Beta is highly suitable for the extreme quick assembly of industrial buildings, stables, air washers, wash lanes, etc. The panels can be placed horizontally and vertically, due to which they can be used to build walls of any height. Combiboard Beta is also very suitable for the construction of temporary partition walls, for example at trade fairs. Thanks to the unique snap connection, they can be easily disassembled and reused. Highly stable, ready to use walls can be constructed in no time.


Combiboard Beta offers stability as well as hygiene. The colour-fast surface layer of calcium and zinc makes these panels impervious to acids and bases such as ammonia and virtually all cleaning agents. The smooth surface and almost seamless assembly of the profiles and panels makes them impervious to dirt and easy to wash and keep clean

Fast and simple application

Combiboard Beta is available in thicknesses 16 mm, 35 mm en 50 mm. The width varies between 200 mm and 500 mm. The panels are available in every possible length and sorted according to length for delivery. The range of support trims is extensive, and many variations and applications are possible. The panels and support trims are easy to process. Ducts, power sockets and other objects are easily fitted to the walls. The snap connection also simplifies the disassembly of walls, and the panels remain intact. The walls are immediately reusable.


The use of high-quality recycled plastic in Combiboard guarantees long-lasting rigidity under the most extreme circumstances. This in combination with fast assembly and disassembly make the panels highly reusable. Additionally, the material is fully recyclable.

Combiboard Beta: Advantages:

  • Hygienic
    Easy to clean thanks to the virtually seamless assembly and wear and tear resistant surface layer.
  • Resistant against chemical substances and colour-fast.
    Impervious to acids and bases such as ammonia and virtually all cleaning agents.
  • Sustainable
    Thanks to the unique snap connection, Beta panels can be reused over and over again. Additionally, the material is fully recyclable.
  • Delivered to your specifications
    Combiboard Beta enables you to construct walls of any height. The panels are delivered as a ready-to-assemble package, in the specified height and width. This saves a lot of time and waste!
  • Horizontal and vertical assembly
    No limitations in planning and assembly due to the possibility of horizontal and vertical assembly.
  • Fast assembly
    Combiboard is very easy and fast to use and process on the building site.

Transport and logistics

All Combiboard products are delivered as ready-to-assemble packages all over the world. We offer specific alternative packaging in addition to our standard packaging. The choice of the packaging is determined in consultation with the customer. We see to it that the package complies with the requirements of any country of destination.