Combiboard Gamma


Just like with our Beta panels, Combiboard Gamma provides a fast and simple solution for both temporary and permanent walls. However, a B – s3, d0 fire classification is required in these cases in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1. These panels are just as robust, shock and wear resistant, colour-fast and hygienic as Combiboard Beta.
Fire classification
The classification was performed in accordance with the DIN EN 13501-1 standard. The outcome led to the following classification: B – s3,d0

Delivery and assembly

Combiboard Gamma is available in thicknesses between 35 mm and 50 mm. Just like with Combiboard Beta, Combiboard Gamma is available in every possible length and comes with an extensive range of support trims. These panels are easily processed with standard tools.


Our Gamma profiles are also fitted with a unique snap connection that makes frequent reuse possible. Combiboard Gamma retains its sustainability and resistance to wear and tear for decades. The high-quality plastic is fully recyclable after use.

Combiboard Gamma: Advantages:

  • Fire classification in accordance with DIN EN 13501 (B – s3, d0)
  • Resistant against chemical substances and colour-fast.
    Impervious to acids and bases such as ammonia and virtually all cleaning agents.
  • Sustainable
    Frequent use thanks to the unique snap connection. Additionally, the material is fully recyclable.
  • Delivered to your specifications
    Combiboard Gamma is available in every possible length. All components, including the corner profiles, are delivered on site as a ready-to-assemble package. This saves a lot of time and waste.
  • Fast assembly
    Combiboard is very easy and fast to use and process on the building site.

Transport and logistics

All Combiboard products are delivered as ready-to-assemble packages all over the world. We offer specific alternative packaging in addition to our standard packaging. The choice of the packaging is determined in consultation with the customer. We see to it that the package complies with the requirements of any country of destination.