Combiboard Zeta

The best alternative for conventional (concrete) walls.

Combiboard Zeta is a unique system with which highly stable walls can be constructed very easily and very quickly. These walls are applied when traditional building materials reach their limits. The plastic profiles are filled with concrete and can therefore take the heaviest of loads. No more need for masonry. You immediately have a very smooth wall that is shock resistant due to the Coex surface layer. Combiboard Zeta is used in slaughterhouses, clean rooms, stables and in hall construction. Intelligent applications such as in silos and other curved structures are being added every day. Because Zeta can be applied in combination with other Combiboard products, the possibilities are virtually infinite.

High performance Zeta quick-assembly system.

Combiboard Zeta combines the rigidity of concrete with the advantages of plastic. A stable, water, fungus, pest-resistant and fully finished wall is assembled in no time at all. Thanks to their smooth Coex surface layer, Zeta panels are completely colour-fast and easy to clean. Both Zeta systems have a fire classification in accordance with DIN EN 13501 (B – s2, d0).

How does Zeta work?

Just as with the other Combiboard wall panel systems, the Zeta profiles are coupled to form a proper wall, with or without window and door openings. Ducts, power sockets and other objects are easily fitted in or to the panels, after which the wall can be filled with concrete or insulation. The open compartment structure ensures that the filling material is properly densified and distributed in the wall. A fully finished wall is constructed in no time at all!

Applicable everywhere

Combiboard Zeta is available in two thicknesses: 100 mm en 175 mm. The effective width of the panels is 333 mm. The panel profiles are available in every possible length. The support trims are designed to ensure a seamless surface. Additional coupling profiles are available with which Combiboard Zeta can be combined with other Combiboard products. This makes Combiboard Zeta suitable for almost every possible application.

Combiboard Zeta: Advantages:

  • Constructing a bearing concrete wall in no time at all
    You can construct a fully finished, bearing concrete wall with Combiboard Zeta in no time at all.
  • Advantages of plastic
    The plastic surface makes the panel impervious to moisture, fungus and pests. The smooth Coex surface is also easy to clean.
  • Resistant against chemical substances and colour-fast.
    The Coex surface layer is Impervious to acids and bases such as ammonia and virtually all cleaning agents.
  • Insulating
    Combiboard Zeta panels can also be filled with insulation.
  • Very fast
    Combiboard Zeta is perfect for quickly constructing a fully finished wall. The profiles are light and easily processed. Concrete and other filling material is properly densified and distributed-
  • Applicable everywhere
    Combiboard can be delivered and used as a ready-to-assemble package anywhere in the world, seeing that concrete and other filling materials are available everywhere.

Transport and logistics

All Combiboard products are delivered as ready-to-assemble packages all over the world. We offer specific alternative packaging in addition to our standard packaging. The choice of the packaging is determined in consultation with the customer. We see to it that the package complies with the requirements of any country of destination.