Combiboard: quick, hygienic and cheap

Combiboard offers high-quality plastic wall panel systems for numerous applications. Our products form a sustainable alternative for wood, concrete and steel and are applied very successfully all over the world in agriculture, industrial construction, car wash lanes and the food industry. Combiboard is very quick to assemble and is immediately ready to use – a big advantage compared to conventional structures. The enormous diversity of products and support trims makes virtually every design possible. With its unique snap connection, Combiboard can easily be disassembled and reused. The innovative products of Combiboard are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. The basis for all of our products is recycled material. Our panels are extremely hygienic due to the smooth Coex surface and the seamless assembly. Combiboard is shock and wear resistant, colour-fast and can withstand most chemical substances.

  • Multifunctional in use
  • Fast and simple application
  • Available in every possible length
  • Sustainable and hygienic
  • Reusable and 100% recyclable

Combiboard offers the following products:

Combiboard Alfa

A solid plastic wall panel system perfectly suitable as pen divider in the animal farming sector, for example. The stable panels are hygienic and durable. The system can be manufactured to your specifications and is easy to assemble and adjust.

Combiboard Beta

Combiboard Beta is highly suitable for the extreme quick assembly of industrial buildings, stables, air washers, wash lanes, etc. The panels can be placed horizontally and vertically and are very suitable as walls.

Combiboard Gamma

Just like with our Beta panels, Combiboard Gamma provides a fast and simple solution for both temporary and permanent walls. However, a fire classification is required in these cases. These panels are just as robust, shock and wear resistant, colour-fast and hygienic as Combiboard Beta.

Combiboard Zeta

Combiboard Zeta is a unique system with which highly stable walls can be constructed very easily and very quickly. These walls are applied when traditional building materials reach their limits. The plastic profiles are filled with concrete and can therefore take the heaviest of loads.